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Another Discussion on Energy Anatomy

By: Dr. Mehdi Doustdary


Another Discussion on Energy Anatomy



Our body is composed of a special component protecting the shape and function of cells and ultimately organs. This component of entity is known as energy anatomy of body in different schools of energy medicine.


In a boarder view, inside our bodies and the bodies of living and even non-living beings, there is a fundamental entity called energy. Its structural or morphological consistency, durability, and cell survival are closely related to quality, quantity, sex and compatibility of the cell with the related energy. Regarding molecular and cellular or physiological function, it has close relation with the related energy as well.

Energy surrounds up to an aura around the body and concentrates in capacitor-like centers, which are named chakra or aura in energy medicine. Each capacitor or chakra is connected to organs through channels, controlling their nutrition and energy balance. Normally, the aura and chakra and also the energy anatomy of body are in internal and external balance, interacting with the energy of the surrounding creatures and even with other planets. From the viewpoint of energy medicine, each factor, no matter how far or close, physical, chemical or energetic it is, would cause imbalance in body energy anatomy, so energy hologram can cause illness. The deeper and stronger the factor is, the severe the illness becomes. Heretofore, most theorists and experts in energy medicine have common viewpoints despite of some differences, considering this basic general knowledge in energy as the knowledge base of energy of body and acting upon it. Note that within molecules, in cells and inside the finest components of the cells, in chromosomes and genes, there are concentrated cohesive particular energies which are strongly associated with these components, controlling their functions fundamentally. Due to the basic and internal nature of this component, I name this section internal energy. It has a lot higher density than middle and external energy levels and deteriorates in longer time period. In case of changes, it takes longer to reach equilibrium; besides, it is more difficult. Indeed, when internal energy especially the energy related to gene and chromosome deteriorates, it becomes inaccessible and infeasible for all energy therapy techniques expect for those leaders which are capable of entering and modifying internal cell energies.

However, in my energy system, the most prominent section containing the majority of my energy products is the energy related to the finest components of cells including chromosomes and genes which have the potentials for formation of real anatomy of genetic energy of cells. This section of my energy product, upon entering the body and along with the start of other parts, enters the therapy phase and recognizes defective genes energies by adjusting patient’s genetic energy with suggested healthy genetic energy in energy system or a similar one but healthy in internal energetic sun. First, it reduces or removes the energy power of a defective gene through suction or energy vacuum. Then, in the location of defective gene whose bad energy is evacuated by vacuum section in adjustment with energy sun, particular healthy energy with several times higher density energy is formed, controlling slower and more restored functions of the gene. Afterwards, the genetic energy sun, with several billion times higher concentration and density of its natural energy, is formed on the location of gene. Energy of repaired defective gene enters coinciding healthy location - if the related gene was healthy - and controls energy functions of the repaired gene. Clearly, upon the success of formation, entering and restoring new energy function in location of the defective gene, illness genetic load is reduced in body. The more precise, sensitive, strong and unique it is, the more possibilities exist for shutting down genetic cause of illness, and in some cases it is possible to completely eliminate the genetic cause; however, highly effective therapy is extremely difficult, hard and effortful.

Obviously, concurrent with curing genetic illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, mongolism, vitiligo, and so on, energy restoration of genetic pathogen, complications caused by illness should be restored and recovered by other sections of specialized energy system. However, most of these complications such as deformations, tendon shortage caused by illness, are barely reversible even after stopping the genetic factor. Ultimately striving hard and using super modern energies, it is possible to relatively restore the complications. In some cases, it is possible to almost completely restore complications depending on not only the type and intensity of the implemented energy, but also on the level of destruction, depth of complications, illness period, patient’s age and some other factors as well.

It might be questioned, “What percentage benefits implementing effective energies on genetic pathogens in genetic incurable diseases such as rickets, dystrophy or mongolism?” I should mention that my current allotted energies, in almost all of genetic incurable patients, can have temporary or permanent effects. Therapeutic effects of our super modern specialized energy are positive in nearly, if not all, of the genetic incurable patients. The smallest effect is the significant relative recovery of some aspects of genetic illness, but an acceptable percentage of above-mentioned patients along with shutting down the potential of genetic illness, have reasonable recovery from complications. Broadly speaking, providing genetic incurable patients start therapy and undergo severe specialized energies and super modern techniques in the early stages of their illness in which complications are not formed yet, in a continuous, complete and precise fashion. It means that they follow all estimated sessions including basic, supplementary and protective, aside from desirable prevention of destructive pattern of disease. In most of them, there is a hope for a relative cure, and sometimes complete healing. These patients should know that most likely they would achieve the therapeutic effects discussed in consultation sessions. A high percentage of these patients would receive more than what they have been told in discussion sessions, even in some cases, they would heal in multiple times higher than healing levels. There would be few who may not reach to the predicted level of curing or reach less.

Another question is, “How difficult is the implementing internal cell energies, which are effective on genetic diseases, for me as practitioner and source of this energy and also my assistants?” I should mention that when patient’s genetic pattern is requested, energy should enter the therapeutic area billion times finer, more precise, with higher density. After removing the energies of defective gene replacing healthy genetic energy patterns in evacuated energy locations, they are compatible with a standard healthy genetic energy and are of same quality in order to follow healthy gene potentials. Meanwhile, the complications caused by genetic incurable diseases should be restored. Doing so and using energy in quantity and quality in one session equals the energy used in fifty to hundred sessions for healing non-genetic headaches and arthritis. Our therapeutic sessions for these patients would be extremely hard, difficult and expensive.

Another question is the possibility of comparisons of this therapy with other therapies and its value. Regarding this, I should mention that far nowhere in the world is there a claim to have a cure for incurable diseases so that we can compare the effects of our super modern energy therapy effects with theirs. With the therapies we have done during past several years, and currently with qualitative and quantitate improvements of energy system, we are capable of relatively curing these patients with higher percentage. In some of these therapies, for the first time in the world, we claim such success as an Iranian doctor, that God willing we will be honored worldwide. Indeed, there are other questions and topics on this subject, that God willing I will talk about them in other opportunities. Moreover, it is asked what my therapy is called. I should mention that the overall name of my energy is internal cell specialized energy therapy, considering the components, application, energy and results, “D.PURE.SIEFT” is my specific brand. God willing, I will discuss the letters and words used in my brand in an appropriate opportunity.


Dr. Mehdi Doustdary




Across the entire universe and in any structure which could be named as a being , it is a known fact that there is an essential and life creating element in human body, as well as in all other beings, regardless of their size, whether large enough to be seen by naked eyes or detectable only via other media. This element protects and maintains the structural and functional form of any organism and systems and due to its characteristics and capabilities in maintaining and preserving cellular and molecular morphology and physiology along with organizing the general form of the construction and its existence we call that element, energy.

In its inner space, energy contains specific parts, compositions and particular factors including electromagnetic and significant radiations which vary from one matter to another. By using Kirlian, it has become possible to detect and picture electromagnetic waves in the energy emission by animate and inanimate beings. Furthermore, by using sensitive and modern cameras, the images of radiations and lights emitted from energy have been detected recorded in films. On the other hand, there have been reports observing ER radiations by using infra-red and thermometer cameras, and in some instances, the temperature in the energizing nodes has been as high as 43 degree Celsius. Researchers continue seeking and understanding the nature of other parts and elements of energy, including the extensive range of visible and invisible lights such as ultra violet and infrared, sound, electric and magnetic waves and several other parameters in this area. However, it should be mentioned [as I have already remarked in previous discussions] this element takes its own specific shapes in human body and the physical features of all living and even unanimated creatures based on its different physical and functional parts and in sum, it creates an energy anatomy for that given organization. In the general energy medicine for human body, this anatomic figure is called aurora or chakra. This energy has encircled the body and forms nodes or centralizes in thousands points of body axis and organs; or so-called called chakra; as similar to a capacitor, they provide relevant organs with the required energy via particular paths. The anatomy of energy in human being is much more complicated and dedicated, reaching its climax in human brain. The interesting point is that the energy of all living organisms, including human body expands around the physique and is more dense and absorbent in the body anatomy; thus, becoming less compact as it takes distance from body. It has interactions, exchanges and relations with the energy of surrounding individuals and beings. This feature is apparent for the energy which surrounds everything, even those radiating from moon, sun and other heavenly objects. If for any reasons, this balance is lost, there will be a possibility of disorders in a part of energy anatomy as this emission has close ties with the health and illness status of men and other living organisms. The energy which is focused and allocated in each single animated and unanimated organisms/structures and the expansion of this energy, finding the relationship between the entire beings in the universe in the vast dominance of energy have directed scholars, thinkers and different schools to offer a general definition of this energy and refer to it with such terms as cosmic energy or with a further distance from the main essence, bio-energy or vital universal energy- life force .

There are however some essential questions on this topic such as if there is any close relationship between energy and health, what are the underlying factors in less successful practice of conventional and educational procedures of energy medicine in yielding better treatment in many incurable/fatal diseases; and, whether or not it is possible to achieve a technique or method in energy medicine that would introduce higher perspectives in treating incurable diseases in mankind through adopting a deeper and more profound view on this part? Is the entire actual knowledge on energy (such as cosmic energy, aurora, chakra and the energy anatomy or a registered image spectrum of energy) contains the same substances which have been already perceived, discovered and presented by the scientists ; or, there are other dimensions and aspects of this knowledge which are still beyond our reach and perhaps, there exists a world of knowledge on energy which has been inferred and perceived by scientists; nevertheless, it has not been introduced as a fundamental knowledge so far. And, for the last question, what is the knowledge of energy medicine which is perceived and exercised by me and what effects it had already shown in treating incurable diseases? Of course I hope I would be able to answer these and other future questions in an article; however, I believe it necessary to address these issues as statements of future discussions. First, it has been 25 years since owing to my talent and persistence, I have been able to accomplish a more realistic understanding on the nature and quality of the existence and function of energy, and after spending thousands of hours in vigorous technical and specialized work on energy, in the light of my deep and elaborate energy contemplations, I achieved an insight on highly specified intra-cellular energies, even energies allocated to the smallest part of cell such as nucleus and mitochondria, to find a system for the analysis, specification, production and making the energy- allocated conscious parts in order to achieve their highest effects, in an extent that even a large percent of genes and incurable genetic diseases could become subject and target of significant therapeutics impacts in our specified energy; second, based on our understanding of energy, the basis of cosmic energy formation is the two essential energies; more than seventy percent of it is dark energy which is highly concentrated and dense as if in form of non-disintegrable energy mines which could convert into colorful, active, vital, dynamic and absorbable energy through a significantly complicated process that I will discuss more elaborately in a suitable opportunity.


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